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Detailed Settings Breakdown

▼ Accent Color
Look here.

▼ Overlay Color
Look here.

▼ Overlay Strength
Look here.

▼ Sheen Roughness
Sheen is Sturdy‘s a fake reflected light effect. Sheen can be as smooth or textured as you want, and the Sheen Roughness slider controls that effect.

▼ Sheen Rotation
You may want Sheen to move around in order to better define some particular feature of the mesh. Sheen Rotation will help you with that.

▼ Sheen Factor
Controls how much Sheen you actually get, ranging from None to Way Too Much.

▼ Brush Detail
Controls how much detail your brush strokes will have. Bigger values will produce brush strokes defined by thinner parallel lines. Small values will keep your brushwork sturdy.

NEW! Brushwork Density (added with version 1.1)
Smaller values will let your brush strokes spread wide and loose. Higher values will make brush strokes smaller and the brushwork packed and crammed.
WARNING: Recommended values range between 1 and 10 (default 6.7). If want use higher values, try toning down Brush Scale and Wildness Factor.

▼ Brush Crunchiness
Sturdy’s brush strokes will look slightly grunge by default, but you may want to purposefully ramp up the brushes general crunchiness. This slider will let you choose how much.

▼ Crunchiness Scale
Works along the previous slider. Higher values will generate finer, more detailed roughness.

▼ Wildness Factor
If your brush strokes look to neat, this slider will help you make them wild. Higher values work best with smaller Brush Detail values. But don’t let me stop you if you want to try otherwise!

▼ Strokes Rotation
Change at will the rotation of those gestural brush strokes!

▼ Highlights Color
On top of the highlights on the Sturdy Palette, Sturdy let’s you choose the color of the actual brightest highlight. If you don’t see any difference, try ramping up the lights, changing your viewpoint or — more importantly — using a higher value on the next adjustment slider, Highlights Strength.

▼ Highlights Strength

▼ Shadows Contrast
Use this adjustment if your shadow areas look too flat in some views. For a richer effect, ramp up the Sheen Roughness slider.

▼ Brightness
That one is evergreen.

▼ Contrast
Turn the drama up or down.

▼ General Scale
If you need it, it’s here.

NEW! Rotatability (added with version 1.1)
Leave it at 0 (default, previous behavior) if you’re content with leaving your mesh static and making light and camera dance around it. Setting Rotatability to 10 will make color expression slightly less wild but your meshes will be more sensitive to light direction when you need to rotate them.

▼ All those color slots?
If you are using the Sturdy Pro node group or material, you will be able to micromanage each of the shades that compose the Sturdy Palette.

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